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We celebrate the history of braids in all cultural backgrounds ...

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Knotless Box Braids, Lemonade Braid, Braided Buns, Mohawk Braid & More For Both Genders ...


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BRAIDBOXX Was Created To Give Home To The Art Of Braids. It Was Created By Free Spirited People For The Free Spirited People Out There.Hair Can Say So Much About You. Where You Been Where You Going. For The Love Of Braids We Made BRAIDBOXX As We Wanted To Give A Playground For All The Braiders Around And The Adventurous People Whom Jump Into Tryin New Hair Styles.We Love To Encourage People To Explore More In The Art Of Braids By Creating Their Own Looks. As We Provide A Services Menu Of 9 Different Looks We Still Welcome New Braiding Hair Styles You Come Up With.Cultures Weren't Engineered Towards A Purpose They Were Generally Happening According To The Requirements Of The Land, Time And The Situation Back In The Time. That Explains Why Braids Are In Every Culture As It Was The Most Practical Way To Do One's Hair.BRAIDBOXX Celebrates The History Of Braids In All Cultural Backgrounds. How We See It - We Are All One.

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